RotBTD Spring Week Day 1: Flowers


He sees me.


I could say the same for any movie, but please don’t.

Its incredibly important for the movie to get revenue while it’s in theatres, if not enough interest has been expressed by fans while it’s a new release, DWA might think we aren’t interested, so we could miss out on dragony goodness!

We need to show our support for the franchise we love, please pay to go see it in the cinema, I can’t stress enough how important it is.

Anyway, isn’t it better to see Hiccup and everybody and all the action on the big screen?


More shenanigans from the weekend! Before my Brave themed Princess Birthday party this weekend, we did a little Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons photo shoot. It was so much fun, I’m really glad we could all finally get together. More photos to come soon, I promise.

Merida: me Rapunzel: chiari-girl Jack: mranybody Hiccup: aetherial edge


Leaving your mark on the trees.

- Your center?

- It took awhile, but I figured it out.


reposting bc tumblr is fucking weird


What do you think of the new poster for How To Train Your Dragon 2?

(New trailer arrives tomorrow!)


K. Well… I’m just gonna write this out as best as I can while I’m freaking out and crying. 

So I got in a car accident, and I pretty much fucked up this guys truck but my cars fine. But I don’t know if hes claiming it or not, probably not so I’ll most likely have to pay… So I’ll be doing commissions as best as I can and I seriously frick’n hope I get people asking for commissions because I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do because I need the money… so yeah…

tonight I’ll put down prices and shit… and yeah… yeah

please check out her art it’s amazing and if you can afford it she really deserves some help right now!!!!!